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Tag: Selling Your Home
Posted on 04/07/2019
Is Your House Worth Less Than You Originally Paid for It?
Let's face it – determining how to price a home is rarely simple for a seller. In some instances, your home may be worth less than you originally paid for it. Ultimately, if you failed to maintain your house over the years, various home problems may crop up when you decide to list your residence. If these issues go...
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Posted on 02/07/2019
3 Tips for Dealing with a Stubborn Homebuyer
The good news: a homebuyer has made an offer on your house and is ready to purchase it as quickly as possible. On the other hand, there's the bad news: this homebuyer has many requests that need to be fulfilled to finalize a home sale. Unfortunately, a stubborn homebuyer can put a home sale in jeopardy. But a home...
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